Eastern Yellow Robin-Bens Walk, Nowra
Eastern Yellow Robin-Bens Walk, Nowra

The Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)  is an Australasian Robin of eastern and south-eastern Australia. The Eastern Yellow Robin has a full yellow breast up to its throat with a grey face, wings and tail. It is the largest of the brightly coloured robins at 15cm. It favours forests and woodlands from the extreme South East of South Australia around the coast to North Queensland.

It is usually seen in forests perched on the side of trees scanning the ground for prey which is usually small invertebrates and small lizards. It is a very confiding bird often dropping to the ground right in front of bush walkers. It often flicks its tail up and down as do a lot of Robins.

Photographing the Eastern Yellow Robin.

Eastern Yellow Robin - Hunting Pose - Bangalee, NSW
Eastern Yellow Robin – Hunting Pose – Bangalee, NSW

Photography wise this species is very photogenic often using the same perches to scan the ground. I have used mealworms to great effect with this species. You can place worms on the ground under a perch or place them on a rock and the birds will often fly down onto the perch to retrieve the worm. You can also rake the ground to reveal bugs in the dirt. The birds will often land on a perch nearby to scan your handy work.

They do respond to calls and will come in to investigate. I sometimes play a call just to get their attention before placing some worms out for them to eat.

They are extremely common within the Shoalhaven where I live and a common sight on any bush walk.


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