Heyn de Kock Photography - Red-backed Fairy-wren
Heyn de Kock Photography – Red-backed Fairy-wren

Bird Photographers have been flocking to Instagram with many photographers now sharing their work. Instagram as at June 2018 has over 1 billion monthly users meaning an enormous audience to share with. The Instagram community is very positive and supportive and I can see it becoming the main social media sharing platform for Bird Photographers.

I follow numerous people(Visit my profile and click on following) on Instagram and encourage you to check them out. I have decided to start with a few accounts of photographers from Australia and New Zealand that I really enjoy and highly recommend following.

Heyn de Kock

Heyn and I met many years ago and have shared numerous birding adventures together. Heyn has incredible birding knowledge and has an extensive catalogue of birds and mammals over on his website https://www.heyndekockphotography.com. Heyn has amazing photographs from Africa, Australia, New Zealand and more recently North America.

Gerard Satherley

Gerard is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly Bird Photographers you will ever meet. I was very fortunate to have met Gerard early in my photography journey and he taught me a lot of what I practice today. Gerard has an extensive Australian collection of amazing photographs that he often shares. Be sure to check out his website at www.gerardsatherleyphotography.com

Matthew Jones

Anyone who has spent time with Matt will smile and agree that he is one of the nicest blokes you will meet. An absolute wealth of knowledge about ecology and everything birds. I have spent numerous hours birding and traveling with Matt and have enjoyed every minute of it. Matt has an eye for artistic images that have lots of interest and he always makes the most of any situation. Be sure to visit his site www.matthewjonesphotography.com

🦅 If I was an inch taller: The endemic Wrybill of New Zealand doing some hard core worming on the flats at Pukorokoro Miranda. The Wrybill is the only bird in the world with a bill that bends side wards, always to the right (obscured by muddy worm here). Thanks to @duadepaton and @Heyn.dekock fellow grammers and photogs for the good times and fond memories. To make this image i used a 7dii + 100-400 ii + 1.4x tc iii | f10, 1/2500, ISO-800 | ground pod . . . . . #nature_of_our_world #birdstagram #your_best_birds #nuts_about_birds #birdphotography #photoarena_nature #birdfreaks #allmightybirds #kings_birds #pocket_birds #igbirds #eye_spy_birds #birdingphotography #birdselite #animazing_birds #bd_birds #birdextremefeatures #birds_illife #feathered_finds #birds_captures #yourbestbirds #shorebird #chasing_feathers #wader #newzealand #inspire_nature_now #nzgeo #wildlife_planet #nz_birds #pukorokoromirandabirds

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David Stowe

Dave is one of the most awarded and well known bird photographers in Australia. His photos are always unique and he is constantly looking outside the box in creating truly wonderful photos. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dave on a number of occasions and shared a memorable journey to Gluepot in South Australia many moons ago. Dave along with Henry Cook and Shelley Pearson are offering excellent workshops under the banner of Flock Wildlife, you can also visit Daves personal site www.davidstowe.com.au

Jan Wegener

Jan has mastered the art of taking bird photographs and has an extensive collection of top shelf images. He has one of the most amazing collections of Parrot photos on the planet. Jan is very active on instagram often posting stories and videos of him on his photography journey. I hope to meet Jan one day soon to learn some of his skills. Be sure to visit his website www.vogelfotografien.de for more of his work.

Shelley Pearson

Shelley is the most popular Bird Photographer on Instagram that I follow and for good reason. Her images always evoke emotion and she has some of the cutest Fairy Wren shots going around. I have been fortunate to have followed Shelleys work since her early days and I have enjoyed seeing the amazing photographs that she produces. The image below of a Comb-crested Jacana and its chick is simply breathtaking. The matching poses and low angle really work and I know how difficult this would be to obtain.

Mike Ashbee

Mike has only recently starting posting to Instagram and is one account you should follow immediately. Mike is a Canandian who has been living in New Zealand for the last few years. In that time he has amassed an incredible collection of New Zealand’s native birds. I was fortunate to meet Mike last year and shared an enjoyable trip to Cunnamulla in QLD. Mike is a very accomplished photographer who always produces extremely high quality work. To view his portfolio visit www.mikeashbeephotography.com

Craig Greer

I have been following Craigs work for many years and whilst I have not met Craig we have chatted online a few times. I am stoked to see Craig is living the dream taking photos of birds and running workshops around the country. You can see his workshops and website at http://craiggreer.com/workshops

Chris Steeles

Chris is a top bloke and has amassed possibly the largest collection of Barn Owl shots on the internet 🙂 Chris has a love of raptors which comes through in his work. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris a few years back and look forward to our next meeting. You can read about some of his birding adventures over on his website. http://chrissteelesbirding.blogspot.com/

Karl Seddon

I have followed Karls work for many years and really admire his craft and skill in producing some truly original beautiful photographs. Be sure to visit his website at www.karlseddon.com

Laurie Ross

Laurie has possibly the best collection of Grasswren shots in Australia, the hard to find birds are his speciality and I love following his journey. Laurie offers workshops in the Northern Territory which look amazing, you can find details on his website www.tracksbirding.com.au/

Georgina Steytler

Georgina has some of the most unique bird photographs on Instagram, her unique style has gathered quite the following and is definitely worth a follow. Georgina is also a wildlife carer which gets massive respect from me. Check out her work at https://georginasteytler.com.au

Jonathan Harrod

I have a soft spot for New Zealand birds as I grew up in NZ. Jonathan has some absolutely beautiful images of many of New Zealands endemic bird species. The Yellow-eyed Penguin below is just fantastic. You can check out his website at www.jonathanharrodphotography.com

‘Yellow Eye’ Yellow-eyed penguin | Hoiho The first rays of sunrise illuminate the face of an endangered yellow-eyed penguin. You often hear yellow-eyed penguins before seeing them, in fact, their Māori name hoiho means ‘noise shouter’, which aptly describes their welcoming shrieks and shrills. These unique birds are the only species left in their genus and may be the most ancient of all living penguins. Hoiho are sadly one of the most endangered penguins in the world. In 2015/16 there were only 255 pairs remaining on mainland New Zealand and subsequently they are classified as ‘nationally endangered’. Hoiho numbers continue to decline despite diligent conservation efforts, Let’s hope that these beautiful ‘noise shouters’ won’t be silenced forever. To find out more visit: www.yellow-eyedpenguin.org.nz

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Ben Weatherley

Ben is another talented photographer from NZ and has some simply breathtaking images of critically endangered Black Stilts.

Heather Thorning

Another photographer from Western Australia who has a very big following on Instagram. Heather posts lots of beautiful birds and photos on a regular basis. Check out her work at www.flickr.com/photos/heather_thorning/

Matt Wright

Matt has an amazing collection of images and is a specialist in night photography with so many incredible Owl images. Matt also offers workshops and you can find out more at his site www.faunagraphic.com.au/

Adam Blyth

Adam has a very large collection of Australian Birds and has been very active chasing birds for a number of years. You can see his collection at www.flickr.com/photos/pixelatedempire/

Apologies to anyone that I missed as there are so many amazing photographers and accounts to follow. I hope to continue adding to this list over the coming years.


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