I currently reside in the Shoalhaven which is a beautiful region on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is situated about 170km South of Sydney. The Shoalhaven has a diverse range of habitat with a long coastline which has several estuaries and beaches which are great breeding grounds for several shorebirds. There are also large tracts of National Park with large Eucylpt forest and rainforest reminant.

I have only recently taken up Bird Photography after I recently had a health scare and decided I needed a hobby which got me out of the house. I had a Canon 40D that my wife used for Jewelery photography and bought a second hand 70-200L.  The very first walk I went on with the new lens I spotted an Australian Magpie land on a fence post. I took a couple of shots and when I got home I was really interested with the shot and pretty happy with the level of detail. This sparked my interest in Birds as a subject and I started to actively seek out birds to photograph. I quickly discovered that the maximum focal length of 200mm(320 effective 200×1.6crop) was too short for birds and I had to get really close which is very hard to do with wild birds, especially ones not familiar with humans. I resigned myself to shooting the common garden birds and birds at the local park such as this family of Little Corellas shot at Marriot Park, Nowra.

I invested in a Canon EF400 5.6L and a 7D which I currently use and could not be happier with the quality of shots produced from this relatively inexpensive kit. I hope to improve my bird photography over the coming years and will update the website with my trips and adventures.
Feel free to read my interview over on feathers and photos to learn more about me.

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