Indian yellow-nosed albatross
Indian yellow-nosed albatross

Update: Checkout my latest photos from my Pelagic Double Header on 27/28th July

On Friday 12/7 I was lucky enough to do a pelagic out of Wollongong, NSW. A pelagic is basically a boat that usually ventures out to the continental shelf to view seabirds. The boat uses some sort of bait such as chicken mince to attract the birds. The Illawarra Birders Inc had booked a half day pelagic and they had a spot available which I gladly took. I had never been on a pelagic before so I was excited and a little nervous about getting seasick.

I arrived early and met up with several other birders before we climbed on board the Sandra K. We headed out of the harbour and it didn’t take long for me to see my very first Albatross being a Black-browed gliding over the water surface towards the boat. It really was a majestic moment and I instantly understood why the Albatross is admired around the world.

We spent around 4 hours cruising and I managed to see 11 Species with 6 being lifers. They were Black-Browed, Indian Yellow-nose and Campbells Albatross, Kelp Gull, Fairy Prion, Brown Skua and a few coastal birds being Silver Gull, Crested Tern, Darter, Little Black Cormorant and Australian Pelican.

Taking photos proved to be a challenge with the rocking of the boat and the large birds often coming too close to the boat. Exposure was hard with the white birds on dark water then bright sky. The boat was also moving around so getting the right light angle was a struggle. I still managed several shots I was happy with and I really cannot wait for my next one. And I made it through the morning without getting sick. Thanks again to Martin for giving me the opportunity.

I used up a 32 gig CF card during the trip and here are some of the shots I took. I hope you enjoy.

Photographic Gear Used

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  1. Nice work Duade, I probably would have had chucked – you did well not to. How the heck do you know what bird your looking at?
    Do you study books before you go out? Nice pic of the seal. I remember catching sea gulls in error on a dock as they scope any food quick! Good clear photos. Talk soon

    1. Thanks Mike. I’m glad you liked the shots. Yes I have a few books that I have studied and there are always experienced birders on the boat who tell you what each species is. Once you know the distinguishing features it becomes easier to identify them. Cheers, Duade.

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